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Alternative Methods in the Practice of Self-Reflection (2014)

Mixed Media

This is a series of 8×10 mixed media works on canvas completed mid to late 2014, before and after I tore the ACL and meniscus of my right knee. Media include acrylic paint, pastel pencil, spray paint, found paper, markers, alcohol ink, grease marker, graphite, and oil paint stick.

The series’ title comes from the fact that I used art as my primary means of keeping sane during those 6+ months that I couldn’t do any other fun activities. After sitting in a recliner for 6 weeks unable to walk, I hobbled around on crutches, unable to do much besides drive to work and sit around and paint. Some pieces reflect the frustration of being immobile, some reflect the fleeting bliss brought on by strong opiate painkillers, some reflect the catharsis of rock climbing and running for the first time in months.