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Misc. Copier Studies (2010-2016)

Mixed Media

Selections from an ongoing study using FedEx Kinko’s self-service printers. The printers have all sorts of cool functions like image repeat, contrast/brightness adjust, magnify, color invert, among others. I’m sure the user manual is online somewhere.

I started this series in 2010 when I had nothing to do on a Friday night in Eugene, OR. Most source imagery from this series comes from screen shots of real estate agent photos that I found online, searching “Roger realty” for instance, or “Barbara real estate”. There are so many real estate agencies out there. The pieces in this selection were made between 2014-2016 in San Diego, CA at the Pacific Beach or Hillcrest Fedex locations.

In creating this series I am most interested in the way that my perception of each iteration of an image changes with subsequent copies. When I go through the process of shrinking down a source image, then repeating it, then shrinking down that repetition, then printing a larger image on top of that shrunk repetition, the original source becomes somehow more “mature”. The process is similar to the way that a camera transforms a complex 4-dimensional moment in time into a flat, 2D image. Much is left out or simplified, and that gives what remains much more power and “suchness” and maturity. The process filters and frames so that you’re left with something that implies the original while possessing a life of its own.