digital illustration / photo collage

digital illustration / photo collage

I spent part of my first pandemic stimulus check on an iPad and Apple Pencil because I had downloaded Procreate on my phone and was immediately taken by the artistic possibility. I filled many evening hours over the next 8 months experimenting with digital illustration and collage. Here are some of the more interesting experiments. At first I was mostly interested in the app’s reproductions of material art media like oil paint and airbrushes, and I think it does a really good job of reproducing these effects, especially when the canvas resolution is high (ie when you can’t see the pixels that make up each brushstroke).

More recently I’ve played around with auto-selecting and erasing portions of photographs and overlaying these to juxtapose perspectives or textures and color fields. The latest Procreate update also adds a variety of glitch and halftone effects that can be applied by brush. Using this more digital, photo-centric approach feels truer to the medium for me because there’s less ambiguity that the piece is ultimately made of pixels and information. But I also really appreciate the freedom of using paintbrush and pencil textures to make really bold marks I probably wouldn’t make on an actual canvas with actual paint. Unlimited undo is also a major game-changer for experimentation.

I still work on these sorts of compositions every now and then, but grad school seems to occupy more time than I have. I’ll try to upload more here as I make them.

Galleries below: first set are more exemplary of the photo collage process; second are more sorta neo-expressionist and grounded in my actual (analog) art practice; third are a set of quick experiments trying to replicate a film double-exposure effect using digital photographs in Procreate.

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

Gallery 3