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Current research

Deep seabed mining governance and the International Seabed Authority; Clean energy, capitalism/hegemony, and politics of information

Illustration of DEME-GSR’s “Patania” polymetallic nodule collection vehicle (from

This work is relatively new and its scope is not yet clearly defined, though there are a number of perspectives I’m actively pursuing or thinking through / reading about. I am mostly interested in the ways in which capital-driven deep ocean mineral extraction is rationalized in a broader context of renewable energy, population growth, development, and climate change. In contrast to most terrestrial environments, the deep ocean is fundamentally inaccessible, and environmental information about the seafloor is always technologically-mediated. This raises a number of questions about whose knowledge matters, whose narrative becomes dominant, and what role private technology companies play in shaping public understanding of the “Common Heritage of Mankind”.

I’ve compiled many of the resources relevant to this work in a Google Doc to be updated on a semi-regular basis. The document is embedded below.